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Other Socio-Economic Studies

A Study of Impact of Global Financial Crisis on Employment, Income and Poverty in Kerala:

South Asia Network of Economic Research Institutes (SANEI ) is a regional initiative to foster networking amongst economic research institutions in South Asia covering Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. KDS-Delhi was selected by South Asia Network of Economic Research Institutes to carry out a study on Kerala economy with special reference to Kerala’s strategies to overcome the impact of global economic crisis . The objectives of the study were to assess the impact of global financial crisis on employment, income and poverty in Kerala and to understand the effect of economic stimulus measures of government of Kerala as well as government of India. The study was carried out by Dr.Jacob John , Director, KDS-Delhi under the 11th Round of the SANEI Regional Research Competition (RRC) with a financial grant from the Global Development Network (GDN). The completed study report was released by SANEI as working paper in Dhaka ,Bangladesh. It is available at www.saneinetwork.net.

Study on Socio- Economic and Health Problems of Theyyam Dancers belong to Scheduled Castes of Kerala

They yam dancers belong to different classes of Scheduled Castes of Kerala. These Scheduled Castes include Vannan, Anjoottaan, Munoottaan, Velan, Koppalan, Pulayan and Maavilaan etc. In fact they have the right to perform Theyyam. Our field experiences indicate that these sections of people have been undergoing a struggle for a livelihood and they have been fighting for their survival with acute poverty and poor health. While the earning from these activities remains abysmally low, they cannot afford to have a minimum standard of living. This compels them to engage in other activities to supplement their daily income. For example, some of these dancers, after spending the whole night in dancing, without take any rest the next morning they continue work as private bus assistant on a daily wage basis. This restless overtime work has been affecting their health adversely. In several cases the dancer is the single source of income for the poor family. The work condition is also quite unfavorable as the dancers have to take physical strain for performing the dance affecting their health conditions adversely. Moreover, several of these dancers are alcoholic by their professional nature. Another concern is the lack of coverage of any social security system including health insurance. There is need for a scientific study to examine various aspects of the complex issues of these They yam Dancers. The results of the study will enable relevant government authorities to formulate and implement an action plan to address various socio-economic and health problems of They yam Dancers.

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