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Kerala Business Forum (KBF)

(Supported by Kerala Development Society,Delhi)

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What is Kerala Business Forum

Kerala Business Forum (KBF) is a community of non-resident Keralite entrepreneurs for promoting innovative businesses and networking opportunities.It is a new generation business promotion initiative using modern technology and innovative strategies. As a community of global Keralite entrepreneurs,Kerala Business Forum facilitates a network - physical and virtual - for promotion of innovative business ideas.Based at Delhi, KBF assists entrepreneurs to link with like-minded businessmenfor enterprise development.

Need for Kerala Business Forum

Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises of Non Resident Keralites (NRK) face a number of problems such as limited access to finance, non-availability of skilled labour at affordable cost, limited capital and technical know-how, low production capacity, constraints in modernization and expansion, ineffective marketing strategy, difficulties in identification of new markets and barriers created by red tape bureaucracy . To surmount these road blocks, a platform of experienced and successful Keralite business people and professionals like KBF can be of immense help.

‘Make in India' initiative of Government of India and business promotion initiatives of various States provide several opportunities to Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME). Assisting entrepreneurs in this segment, to move away from constraint based thoughts towards creating vibrant, new businesses, based on identification or creation of opportunities is the most important task ofKerala Business Forum.

Objectives and Activities

Networking and a common platform
Kerala Business Forum is working towards creating avibrant NRK community network for the promotion of business interests and to develop a strong entrepreneurial culture. We, at KBF, strongly believe in harnessing the technical and commercial acumen of the global Malayali for creating a new wave of entrepreneurial resurgence.

Information Dissemination
KBF facilitate dissemination of business related information for timely update of entrepreneurs. It enables sharing of ideas, discussing business related issues, developing business contacts and referrals etc. by promoting local business group meetings regularly. The forum facilitates regular communication among NRK entrepreneurs. These communications will include latest business development prospects, government policy changes, taxation news, export, importand investment opportunities, availability of finance and any other relevant information.

KBF liaisons with Central and State and local governments , Embassies, foreign trade organizations etc. to promote interests of Keralite Businesses and also facilitate sharing of cross country experiences including successful experiences, thereby educating the community by sharing knowledge and experiences

A Platform of New Business Ideas and Business Plans for InnovativeBusiness

Kerala Business Forum facilitates formulating innovative businesses ideas, starting of innovative businesses. The Forum facilitates the exchange of new business ideas and innovative business plans.To be successful in business, an entrepreneur need to develop a detailed business plan with key milestones that are achievable. Kerala Business Forum facilitates the preparation of business plans through well experienced professionals and experts .

The forum facilitates thedissemination of information about technology needsand technologyavailability. University- industry linkage will be facilitated.Kerala Business Forum attempts to bridge the gap between academia, industry and government for better articulation of policies .

Marketing and Brand Strategy
In a world where the costs to build a company and the technical barriers to enter a market are decreasing rapidly, marketing and brand strategy have become critical to building enterprise value. Kerala Business Forum arranges technical support in the marketing and brand building.

Personnel Requirements
The forum disseminates information within the network , on needs of network members for trained , experienced and skilled personnel in business units.

Find an employee – Hiring can be a very costly proposition for member businesses. KBF facilitates hiring of personal within the network businesses and helps outsourcing of job works within network.

Workshops and Training Programmes
Forum organizes seminars, workshops, training programmes and business promotion meetings.These programmes will help in sharing the experiences and best practices in the industry and Promote International exposure of Entrepreneurs. Please come back to this website, frequently to check on various programmes and activities, as and when they are announced.

Who can join the Forum

All categories of entrepreneurs and professionals such as Chartered Accountants, Bankers , Designers , Artisans , Lawyersetc. are eligible.Please write to us at: Keralabusinessforum@gmail.com to join the forum. Membership to KBF and tenure is offered as per discretion of Managing committee

If you are a start-up or an MSME business or even a Wannabe entrepreneur, you will find KBF an interesting and invigorating network for enriching and advancing your business aspirations. To join and to know more about our activities, email your name and contact address/phone/email to: keralabusinessforum@gmail.com

Management Team

The forum is being managed by a committee consists of businessmen and KDS governing body. Conveners of the Forum are Dr. Jacob John, Mr.Unnikrishnan T. Nair and Mr. Jacob George.

Dr. Jacob John is a doctorate in economics and MBA in finance. As an economist and investment promotion specialist he has over 30 years of experience. He has long experience in the field of promotion of business, investment and trade. Currently he is the President of KDS-Delhi, a socio-economic research organization and a Centre for Development of Indian States. He was Indiandelegate to United Nations Industrial Development Organisation(UNIDO), selected by Ministry of Industry, Government of India for promoting Italian investment in India during 1995-96. He has served UNIDO in India as national expert on investment and technology promotion for a decade. He has also worked with ASSOCHAM and Confederation of Indian Industry. He has conducted several studies in the field of industry and employment. He has published several books and articles. He has attended several international training and exposure programmes in the field of promotion of foreign investment and international tradein several nations in Europe, Africa East and South Asia.

Mr. Unnikrishnan T. Nair is the Chief Executive ofPrime Labs, an ISO 9001 certified company and also of Data Research & Transcription services, Delhi. He has long years of experience inmarketing of research instrumentation in the field of Life sciences and Health care. He holds a Masters in Psychology and has been trained in Hypnotherapy, past life regression etc. He has decadesof experience in various industries inOptical & Electron Microscopy, Chemical Process Instrumentation & Lab animal research equipments. He is a consultant to several small businesses for world bank funded projects and represents several US, Canadian and EU businesses in India.Mr.Nair is also an experienced Sales Trainer and has trained over 500 people in various aspect of Selling process. His company has developed state-of the art technologies in Air Sterilization (for medical applications as well as general home air purification) and is in an advanced stage of development of environment conditioned housing for immune-deficient Laboratory animals used in research.

Mr.Jacob George is the Chief Executive of Jams Furnaces Private Limited, Delhi. He is the manufacturer of Heat Treatment Furnaces, all Furnace Spares, Control Panel, Axial Flow Fans, D.M Water Cooler Air Cooled Quenching Oil Coolers. He has wide experience in manufacturing and marketing of a wide range of engineering products.

KDS and Kerala BusinessPromotion

Kerala Business Forum is supported by Kerala Development Society (KDS Delhi). KDS had carried out a series of activities to promote business of Non- Residential Keralitesover the years. Some of them are listed below:
  • Meeting of Delhi-based Keralite Business men was organized in Delhi on 1 November 2003. Over 100 businessmen participated.

  • An international promotional programme for the State of Kerala, jointly with office of Resident Commissioner, Government of Kerala was organized in Delhi on 15 April 2005. Attended by Ambassadors/Commercial Counselors of 15 different countries, including Canada, Chile, France, New Zealand, Poland, Sri Lanka, Serbia and Montenegro, Slovenia, and The Netherlands. Presentations on potential sectors were made and specific investment proposals were deliberated

  • Several Business Promotion Meetings organized in Delhi during 2002-2015. For instance, Country specific Kerala promotional programme for Kerala – Montenegro was organized on 25 April 2005 . Country specific Kerala promotional programme for Kerala -Slovenia business collaboration was organized on 10 November 2005.. These meetings had facilitated business linkages between Keralite companies and companies of the respective countries .

  • Meeting of Ayruveda companies in Korati, Trichur, Kerala jointly with KINFRA on 8 May 2013.

KDS and Industry/Business Experience in other Indian States

Kerala Development Society has made intervention in the business development of other Indian States. Some of these activities are listed below:
  • Worked as Technical Support Institution (TSI) for Preparation of District Perspective Plans and Annual Plans in three districts of West Bengal and three districts of Assam covering various sectors including Industry and Business

  • Worked for three years: 2012-2013, 2013-2014, 2014-2015 in six districts

  • President and Director of KDS, Dr. Jacob John has a long industry experience in India and internationally: He has worked with UNIDO( India and Italy) CII (New Delhi) , ASSOCHAM (New Delhi)

  • KDS has a good team having wide industry experience covering various Indian States


  • Kerala Business Forum
  • KDS- Delhi
  • 811-A, Jaina Tower I, District Centre, Janakpuri
  • New Delhi -110058
  • Ph :+91-11-41815051
  • Tel Fax: +91-11-41049422
  • Mob: +91-11-9811204487/09818780833
  • Email:keralabusinessforum@gmail.com
  • kdsnrlg@yahoo.in
  • Website : www.kdsonline.org
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